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Thursday 12 January 2023

A look at how climate psychotics think - A YouTube comments section - Unbelievable!

This one is from the whackjob, pychotics at good old PBS and there PBS Terra broadcasts - Never in history, has there been so many people, so wrong about something.

These people are lunatics, but for true madness, have you ever had a look at some of their brainwashed disciples in the comments section of these pieces of propaganda?  They're insane.  So I've done it for you.

This is where they claim that there are 15 "tipping points" before the world is screwed in the climate arena.

A "tipping point" is defined as:

A “tipping point” is when a system, with just a small amount of additional energy, is pushed from one stable state to another suddenly and dramatically. This can be a chair falling backwards. Or it can be a major earth system collapsing."

That is their theory, if one part of it is wrong, then it's not much of a theory.

But their disciples have completely bought in on this sham, for instance. . . :

We have some crackpot called "@lindajonesartist", who apparently believes, that the more water (liquid) in the oceans, the heavier the world will be, and hence the tectonic plates will be fucked! Insanity, but I quote:

". . . rising sea levels changes the weight on the tectonic plates under the oceans, and Greenland and Antarctica would weigh less, which could lead to more powerful earthquakes along the tectonic plates around the rim of the oceans . . . it could result in super volcanoes erupting, leading to an ice age like a nuclear winter around the entire planet. . . . it could change the convection layers in the mantle, destabilizing our planets geomagnetic field.

A certified nut! The fact is, that a thousand years ago when the Vikings were farming in Greenland, with very little snow, the plates were simply fine you idiot! In addition, I was always told, that a gallon of water, will weigh the same, even if the gallon freezes, but what does basic science mean to these utter nutters?

OR, what about the true genius, someone called "@mrchefcheck" who states the stunning piece of logic, by saying:

"When your own body temperature raises 2-3 degrees you're already feverish and feel uncomfortable. Imagine that with Earth."

As said before, the world was 1.5 degrees a thousand years ago, and we were simply fine. Although, many of this lot have tried to make this basic fact, disappear recently.

I despair at such stupidity.


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