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Monday 9 January 2023

My 2 biggest stories that the MSM won't report - EU Corruption and Artificial Gasoline - Both yuge!

Its staggering to think, that at the same time where we as humans, have more information / data at our fingertips at any time in human history, the MSM and the Sheeple have combined to propagandize themselves, into being the most ignorant humans in our history.

I am simply amazed, but slowly not anymore, as to the sheer "dumbfuckniss" of people who I meet on a regular basis - when with after a simple, 30 second web search, all the lies of the MSM can be quite easily disproved; at the same time as educating the dolts who wish to be so educated. 

Take for example, the two stories below.   Yes, that's right, you've probably never heard about artificial gasoline!  Have you.  Yet it's raring to go RIGHT NOW.

I'm not making that up!  

And this leads me to finally convince myself, about the utter fraud of not only "climate change", but of electric cars as well.  Here is a complete solution, that will not only be ramped up, but will also become cheaper and cheaper, but we all know, that is NOT what "they" want.  Do they.  This is a complete game changer, and is also carbon neutral.

But anyone with a brain should now know, that the climate scam has NEVER been about the environment.  Never!

It's always been about control.  Of us, our living standards, our freedom, etc.


And naturally, the second story that no one in the scummy MSM wishes to report, is the ever evolving case of corruption, with the EU.  It concerns now, about 50 to 100 apparatichiks in Euro land, and with Qatari money involved, you'd think that it would be the go to story on all things corrupt?  But alas, we know that the MSM thinks the sun shines from the cumulative asses of the EU, so not a word on this. 

EU Corruption:

I will keep you posted on both of these. 


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