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Friday 10 March 2023

MI5, MI6 - I thought the spy agencies had a problem Recruiting? Really! They're woke as hell!


This piece of woke propaganda showed up on my delightful, warm, Facebook page this week.  You only have to have a quick glance to know that they're woke as fuck there nowadays, which goes to explain, that NOTHING is safe from the Wokist fascists nowadays - they will even put our national security on the line as well!  Putin and Xi are laughing.

Well at least they take Gingers!

This was of interest to me this week, because on the same day, or at least I thought, I was listening to GB News where they were having a discussion about the inability of our surveillance agencies (for example MI5 and MI6) to recruit quality people - well I have your answer!

Years ago, I actually made various paper sifts and was called for a 2 hour quiz for our beloved Foreign Service.  Naturally I failed it, but what I saw was simply astounding - It was literally only Oxbridge graduates doing the test with me that day.  It was almost that I have wandered into an academic exercise for the elite.

Hey, they need the elite for these type of jobs, so I'm for this, but that's my point about "diversity".  The two females in the picture above are also not diverse in any way, shape or form as well; one merely has orange hair, the other light brown skin.  Besides that, there is NO difference whatsoever between them.  They are both probably; middle-class, privileged, boring as hell, called Emily or Rebecca, and have First Classes in some arts subject.

Which tends to prove that "diversity" nowadays, is PURELY based on skin colour. 

For those interested, please go here:

I despair.


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