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Saturday 22 May 2021

Israel, the Palestinians and “Free Palestine”

Think about this; Israel is the size of Wales in the United Kingdom, or the state of New Jersey in the USA - Honestly!  The size of effing Wales, and when compared to the rest of the Arab world, it is even MORE minute!

Think about that for a second.  Please.  If we think Wales or New Jersey are insignificant when compared to their countries, then Israel is UTTERLY tiny when compared to the Arab world, that happens to be over 13,000,000 square kilometres, as opposed to Israel’s 20,000!  Please look for yourself:

As you’ll notice, it’s actually quite hard to even SEE Israel on a bloody map!  Yet most people (predominantly the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Left - Hello Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn), particularly the morons behind the “Free Palestine” movement, wouldn't even know this.  

Please let that sink in for a moment; and then please try to explain to me, that Israel are a problem or even a threat to anyone?  Please tell me, do tell.

Sorry, but try to convince me that in the past week, before the cease-fire, that if I am a country and another entity fires in over 3,000 rockets / missiles, the size of Cruise missiles at me (that is one EVERY 3 FUCKING MINUTES FOR ONE EFFING WEEK), that I am NOT allowed to defend myself.   You can eff-off if you think I’m not.

But listening to the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating, Leftist media the last week, it’s easy to understand WHY the typical idiot in the street thinks that it’s ACTUALLY Israel who is the bad guy in this story.

As for the “Free Palestine” movement, let’s see just what they believe in.  If one does indeed look at one of the “movements” websites, not only is it rather appallingly put together, but anyone with a brain will see that is it largely middle-class, whities, that are behind this shower of bigots.  Their mission statement is fairly ridiculous:

The purpose of Free Palestine Movement is to defend and advocate for the human rights of all Palestinians. We propose to support these rights by defying barriers imposed by Israeli and international authorities upon travel and trade to, from and within Palestine for Palestinians and persons invited by Palestinians, such as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, merchants or others, and to impose pressure and sanctions upon any parties that deny such rights.

I.e. it says NOTHING about just how Hamas are buying all the rockets that they use constantly against Israel, and PLEASE don’t tell me that they can not afford / or even to import medication for the “children” as this is a dam lie.

The biggest lie is that Palestine is a state!  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A NATION CALLED PALESTINE!  Please try to educate yourselves on this.  As even before the 1948 UN resolution and the British Mandate, it was actually a part of Jordan; though most of the filthy, anti-Jew “protestors” in London today, know little if ANYTHING about this fact.


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