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Wednesday 5 May 2021

Woke Woche - Wimbledon's new Middle Sunday / Magazine Covers


I recently read an email, that was sent to a tennis fan who is in receipt of the latest Wimbledon news, referring to the upcoming championships, and to the 2022 championship.

It is more utter clap-trap, racist, woke, bollocks, about the cancellation of Wimbledon last year, and what will happen in 2022, specifically mentioning that Middle Sunday, will now feature matches, and not be a day off for rest.  And I quote:

. . . The reasons for this are many. It has never been more important for sports events to be proactively taking steps to enhance their accessibility, in order to reach broader and more diverse audiences. Introducing an extra day to our schedule, on a Sunday, will enable us to do this at this important time.

I can only think in horror, as to what this actually means in terms of wokeness and just what or who, will be able to get their hands on these newfound, Middle Sunday tickets?  Honestly!  Are they going to have a "Black Sunday", where the usual array of honkies, and whities, will not be allowed?  Will they force the players to take a knee?  Really, you can not make this fucking shite up!  And just what the hell do they mean by "at this important time."?

Eff them!

And speaking about filthy, effing bigots, look at this piece of shit adorning the cover of this month's Men's Fitness.

What an inbred, racist, piece of filth, talking arrogantly and filled with hate against whitey whilst talking about his Black Cyclist Club!  Fuck him!  Honestly, eff this racist piece of filth and if he likes these stereotypical red, yellow and green colours, please tell him that he's welcome to go to a country with these colours on their flag, and to never return here to Blighty.  Piece of garbage!

I would have thought that his "club", is contrary to UK law?  If not, then it SHOULD be, because I am just so sick and tired of pukes like this denigrating it all the time.  

Yet another magazine that I shall never buy again.


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