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Friday 14 May 2021

Philosophy - The leftist’s 3-way circle of Thought

What infuriates me constantly, is when I see the thought process (sic) of the typical, leftist-Fascist, authoritarian.  Whilst not really being like the diagram, it is still a circular mentality, that usually is something like this:

1) I hate Trump because he’s a war-mongerer.

2) But Trump pulled the troops out from many places, and had the UAE, Morocco, Sudan and Bahrain sign peace deals with Israel.

3) I still hate him because he MAY start a war and the deals were not done by Trump.

This is utter idiocy!  But the leftist psychotics also have another form, that is even MORE sociopathic & unhinged, when they attempt (ever so falsely) to be fair and open-minded with something like this:

1) We also believe in controlling our borders.  But you know, does that mean we need a wall and a border patrol?  Seems we need to look at this.

2) Well, we’ve looked into this, and it seems there’s different policy options.  We can look at these and maybe there are different ways of “controlling” our border.  Maybe we could let some in?

3) Yea, we did it! We let all the illegals into the country!  What are you going to do about it!  Our ends justify our means!


It’s utterly maddening!  And it just shows that as in the words of the great, late, Rush Limbaugh; “They are who they are.  They will NOT change”.


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