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Sunday 30 May 2021

Health Care - Supply Side Solutions - Part 1


Interesting, no one ever talks about the supply side of health care in America.  On one side, the radical, fascist Democrats only talk about the federal government and the need for money to be spent, though at present, they actually spend more than ever, but health care costs and availability are still terrible.

On the other side, the Republicans talk of free markets and choice, etc, but have done little if anything to change this, even when they were in power (yes I DO know about the filibuster in the Senate, and about that cock-sucker John McCain coming off his death bed to vote against a PART of the Trump plan in 2018 - Here).  Rather than talking about the Demand for care; whether that being HSAs (Health Saving Accounts), Medicare, et al, why not look at the supply or lack of, healthcare.  This can range from personnel, options, drug availability, etc.

1) Supply of Doctors:

Firstly, the length of time for a person to become a Doctor in the USA is at times, DOUBLE, repeat DOUBLE, what it is in other countries!  Consider that for a moment.  In basic arithmetic, other countries can have double the Doctors, in the same amount of time.  Staggering!

For those wishing to confirm this horrifying fact, please go here: -

As for the length of time being half in the UK when compared to the USA, one thing in that I have personal experience of, is that when a teenager is ready for college in the UK, their standard of education is normally 1 -2 two years more advanced, than a comparable student in the US.  They simply, for those wishing to go to university, have a MUCH higher standard level of basic education, than a similar student does in the States.

2) Levels of “Doctors”:

What I find even more fascinating, is that when a person does indeed not make the grade, or simply drops out of the rigorous educational route to be a Doctor, they are essentially doomed to never go into the Medical field, whatever that may be.  It’s either be a Doctor or you’re out - a no doubt tragic waste of time, money and study.

I could be wrong, but there is not necessarily any way in many of the States in the USA, where someone who has not been successful in their Doctor studies, is able to take on a less senior role / career, and still be a medical professional.  Here in the UK, there is a preponderance of people in the Physician Assistant role, which is comparable in a grade (in the work that they do) to a first or second year Doctor student, and after ONLY a one year course, can thus free many MDs. to do more complicated (and presumably more rewarding) work.

Whilst they can even prescribe, they are NOT medical Doctors, but seem to me to be in a more graded job pattern, that we see in countless other professions, i.e., Clerical Assistant - Clerical Officer - Higher Clerical Officer - Executive Assistant, etc.

More on this and other Supply Side problems in part 2.


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