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Monday 24 May 2021

Week Ahead . . . . / Woke Woche - A "honky" God is bad!

Once again, the week is here, and there is nothing but bad news.  In my own life, certain deadlines have been met and we can now do a lot more on this blog; who knows, maybe a post every other day.  Finally, will finish my healthcare solutions and look at various awful things that are happening in Scotland, the UK and the World'ish.

But first, let's look at our "wokeness" segment, and it concerns the good, old, Church of England and their disgusting book club that is on line - it's a doozy!

Take a look at the above!  Simply unbelievable, and is definitely not an event that I shall be attending!

Not only are these two filthy racists, but  the fact  is, is that Jesus called God his Father, HUNDREDS of times!  Please get over this!

I simply do not know just what planet, people like this reside, and it only goes to show, just why the attendances, at so many leftist, secular humanist churches, is just so low nowadays. 



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