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Saturday 12 June 2021

Woke Woche - The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association)

As the French Open is almost behind us, and the inevitable hype ad nauseum, is about to begin in Britain about Wimbledon (or as the mob at the LTA say, the "Championships"?), an easy entry into the woke canon, is the LTA's simply terrible website - The epitome of white, rich & guilt wokeness!

It's vomit-inducing and is recommended in Woke 101 for anyone who has frankly, had enough of this type of shite.  The screen shots, are from the first of several web pages, that both insult and lecture the reader, who may only have a glancing interest in tennis, but may be scared off, at the sight of the various minorities.  Hell, they may think that they pressed the wrong button / typed the wrong web site address, and have landed on the United Nations UNICEF page!

Eff 'em!


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