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Wednesday 2 June 2021

Week Ahead . . .

Hello, will this week complete my thoughts on the cost (over cost) of healthcare in the USA and the world.  In addition, will do some more on wokeness, and start a new category, where we look at leftist, psychotic blogs or websites, and critique them!  

An easy job, but first, more wokeness, from the far-Left, fascist, BBC.

Take a look at this shit, this is the actual homepage tonight, 1 June 2021, of the BBC!  

It is simply and completely ridiculous, with all things Black, again, AGAIN, being highlighted.  This is incessant!  They are utterly OBSESSED with Black people and Black skin colour!  For a country, where only 3% are of this race, please tell me why it is that they basically occupy the BBC homepage, in addition to having one of their faces on every, single advert on television?  Utterly outrageous.


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