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Saturday 26 June 2021

GB News - Screw You!

Just when you thought that we had an alternative to the hoary old, leftist, woke, MSM in the UK; we don't.

GB News is dreadful, not even as good as you and some of your mates bitching about the world, over a cheap pint of lager. 

Why?  I have actually been watching quite a bit of them recently, and noticed that it is not necessarily a rolling news network, but relies heavily on a folksy, couch based, interview system, with a moderator leading discussions.

I would try this only some times, and have the moderators wear suits, and have a slightly higher camera, that would look down more at the interviewers / *ees.  Automatically, it would be more professional looking.

But what has pissed me off totally, is the blatant, "fair", wokism that their Free Speech show on Saturday afternoons has.  Case in point, today in the afternoon segment of this, an Erich McElroy?, a token American comic, went complete woke; talking about Juneteenth and the Tulsa Massacre, after answering the question put to him, about never being told about the Native Americans, who existed in North America before the arrival of the Europeans!  

It was classic deflection, and COMPLETELY maddening to me.  I could have kicked in the TV, and will not be watching this shit for some time; and that includes the arrival of Nigel Farage on Sundays.

The fact is, when young, I heard CONSTANTLY that the Europeans did NOT discover America, but were simply the arrival of Europeans!  This guy was talking shite, and GB News should be ashamed of themselves to even have had him on their show.



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