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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Wacko Websites - Insanity of the globalist elites - Is this how they actually think?

A recent perusal of various websites, has once again shown that even if you have initials after your name (I do btw, but who really cares?), you can still be a complete and utter idiot - as in a total lunatic.  The quote below sums this up completely.

Please go to this link, and pay if you must in order to finish reading the article (I did not), to see the simple insanity of how these people think:

You only have to read the first paragraph to know what they are up to; and I quote:

Countries that pursued strict pandemic suppression strategies fared better on measures of health, wealth and civil liberties than those that didn’t, according to an analysis published in The Lancet.

They are insane!  

To even comment on such insanity would give some credence to this piece of propaganda.  

How could ANYBODY actually say, in a "learned" publication, that you will have more wealth in a country when you shut down the entire Economy; that you will have more liberty, when you are forbidden from going out, travelling, living a normal life, etc; and that the health of your country is better, when people are committing suicide in droves and other patients, such as cancer patients, are not receiving their basic treatment; as has happened in the UK.

This is complete madness!


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