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Thursday 23 June 2022

This Week - In Espana, will be back, but what is it about trashy footballers & their cars?


More English footballers in the news the last week, for having some car problems!

Yes, it seems that this just so intelligent athletes, just can not either have their "motor" licensed, insured, or what ever, but the problem, is the wrist slapping that they recieve.

Take this for instance.

All this double-barrelled surname got, was a 1,500 quid fine!  Unbelievable.

You only have to troll the internet, and find more of this utter scumbags to find that they are laughing at us.


This reminds me of what happens in Germany, when these types of offences are committed, believe me it IS different.

Please go here!  Correct, they fined him almost HALF A FUCKING MILLION EUROS!

As this fucking idiot said; 

"Bild" reported that Reus did attend driving lessons when he turned 18 but never completed a driving test. Instead, he apparently took to the streets without a valid license. "I decided, back then, to go down this path," he told the newspaper. "I can't really understand the reasons myself, in hindsight."

The Reason? The fines are based on the amount that the perp earns.  In this case, his club fought like hell, not to divulge just how much Marco actually made, until the judge ordered them to.

Why can't we bring this in here into the UK?


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