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Monday 13 June 2022

Week Ahead - Golf wokeness (today), and various


Did anyone see this report, about an alleged "victory" of a woman over men, in a golf tournament in Sweden (as part of the European Tour (DP Tour).

To be blunt, this is simply NOT what happened, but of course the MSM were going out of their way to celebrate the fact.

It took me just a few minutes to find out what in reality actually occurred, by way of a post from New Zealand! 

Yes, it was a golf tournament, with both men and women competing, but with a few, very important differences:

1) It was a handicapped event!  They DID NOT PLAY THE SAME FUCKING GOLF COURSE!

The course that was  played, was hundreds, if not a few thousand yards SHORTER for the women to play!

Again, via the above CBS report, there was no mention of this!

2) Only the female winner, actually was close!

The other female participants were NOWHERE near to the eventual winner.  This is despite the fact that the course they played (from Women's Tees) was very much shorter.  

In addition, the eventual "winner", Linn Grant, was not only Swedish, but also very familiar with the course itself.

The fact that the course was much shorter for her (ie, the men would have destroyed her if they used the Women's Tees!), was lost on her, as she said later:

“I just hope people recognise women's golf more now, . . . that more sponsors go to the LET (Ladies European Tour) than to the men's tour, and hopefully this pumps up the women's game a little bit more.''

I despair!

More this week on many topics, keep the faith.


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