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Saturday 18 September 2021

I challenge you! Try to go to a page of the Mainstream Media,

after a few weeks or even months, when you have had little to no contact with them - it's like a freak show!

Honestly!  I had to "re" go into Yahoo, in order to use an email account to find my "missing" Junk folder, and the utter crap, lies, propaganda that I witnessed even for me, was shocking!

This from 18 September 2021, is just a shot of some of the crap that they chose to "report" on - more lies about Trump, how everyone hates Boris Johnson and of course, they're STILL going after Sarah Palin!  Simply unbelievable.  

What a rag!

In addition, as I have said before, is it any wonder why the unwashed masses are completely brainwashed in their opinions on all things political, economical and culturally.


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