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Thursday 9 September 2021

Other Bloggers - A critique of other right-minded People

I utterly admire the current state of the alternative news media, alt-bloggers, YouTubers, etc, etc, etc.  Mainly, we are in agreement with many points and with the key problems / solutions that need to be taken in order for the Western world to re-establish itself to be a classical, liberal bastion - an example to the rest of the world (although, we probably still are to them, which has resulted in everyone in the world, wanting to come here and live!).

On the other hand, they seem to me, that every one of them talks about the same stories and merely give their (mainly the same) critique on these stories and topics, both here in the UK and America.

I follow many of them on a daily basis, and they range from The Hodge Twins, Lozza Fox, Reasoned, Mahyar Tousi, We got a Problem, Black Conservative Patriot, et al.  You probably know these and a good amount of others.   

My personal favourite, as he simply is more savvy with the media AND does not hold back, is Alex Belfield.

My "problem" with many of them, is that they do not appear to offer solutions to today's problems, though no doubt they do have them.  Their critique is normally spot-on, but I tend to yearn for more of the "If I were in charge, I'd . . . ", If they have done this or do, do this, my apologies.

Equally, and I do not wish to sound snobbish, is that I have a liking for the "dismal science" of Economics and hold an Honours Degree in that awful subject; so have always had the tendency to think what economic policy should we be taking.  This can range to the funding of NATO, to Foreign Aid, to Immigration, to the problems of the dominance of both the Urban Elites and of the urban-centric policy decisions that it seems that all governments now take into account.

Many of these bloggers don't do Economics, or they revert to the standard "Free Market", "Low Taxes" spiels, that whilst I agree with simply don't cut it with many people today who easily fall prey to simple, socialist "solutions".  These ideas, except for the existing converts,  MUST be explained to any new, potential followers. 

Finally, in order to combat both the leftists and the wokists, we have to look at this as a long run battle and must actually listen to just WHY so many people are vulnerable to the easy "fixes" that the left / wokists have.  Even if these arguments
 are of an emotional appeal.


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