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Tuesday 7 September 2021

The Week Ahead / Friedman's the "Uses of Hypocrisy" - Bojo's Tax Increase . . .

Milton Friedman's quite brilliant essay all those years ago, was as good a thing as I've ever read about hypocrisy from government, ie, Boris Johnson's intention to raise National Insurance contributions by 1.25%.  I also note, that it's about the utter hypocrisy of the MSM, in their critique (naturally) of the Tories as well.

In Friedman's case, it was concerning the utter, grotesque hypocrisy of the then Senate in the USA in 1982, when they were trying to push a constitutional amendment, to limit THEMSELVES from spending to much money:

Of course, the president and the Congress have the power to enact a balanced budget. They also would have the power to maintain freedom of speech without the First Amendment. Yet I have read no columnist—however caustic his comments on Congress’s hypocrisy—who has suggested that the First Amendment serves no purpose and should be repealed. 

Of course the Senate is guilty of hypocrisy in voting simultaneously for a large current deficit and for a constitutional amendment to prevent future deficits. 

And in the case of the MSM in their criticism of Bojo's tax increase, their hypocrisy is blatant and disgraceful.

They know as well as I do, that the current state of affairs with the economy and the huge queues that we presently have in both social care and the NHS are unsustainable at present; and that this MUST lead to some sort of increase in taxation!  It simply has to (even if we can still prioritise, cut waste, etc, etc. - though a surcharge tax or temporary increase in income tax could also be looked into).

So hence, they criticise the Tories for "breaking" a platform promise, as if:

1) No other party has EVER broken them before!
2) People have actually read these effing platforms!

On the other hand, since when did the scum in the media give a flying fuck about increases in taxation!  They both actively encourage high taxes, as well as continually condemning the Tories for NOT raising taxes!

The hypocrisy knows no end!

This week, we'll look at the present political situation, the mess in Afghanistan / Arab world, and have a look at other bloggers (finally).


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