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Tuesday 14 September 2021

The Week Ahead / Woke Woche at Waitrose


Ah, good ole Waitrose!  That horrible, over-priced dump, filled with Guardian readers and vegan millennials thinking that they are just SO intelligent with their food needs.

But, also completely woke

Now they're going to charge us 50 pence if we forget our bags and they're actually celebrating this!

It was a big step forward, but our research shows that the 10p plastic bags for life, created to be reused time and time again, were increasingly being used as single-use items, which has a damaging effect on the environment. . . . 
If you forget, we have a range of reusable bags priced from 50p, but your bags really do beat ours. For deliveries, the removal of bags coincides with our drivers being able to re-enter your home, saving you from any heavy lifting. If you prefer, our drivers will happily help you pack your shopping into your own bags. You just need to have them ready.

What a load of BS!  Whatever you feel about these bags, they're still going to the landfill or at times, even being recycled, and if you wanted to do something about this "problem", do what they use to do when I were a tot; go back to brown paper bags!  Ridiculous!

This week, we'll look at those type of people who always claimed how tough they were, but who have taken the lockdown while grabbing their ankles; the best universities in the world (Hint; this survey naturally didn't include any outside of the USA or UK!!!) and various other pieces of culture, etc. 

Recht (still angry)

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