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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Best of 2021 - Bill Maher and the reality of China

Maher's a leftist, but with a brain at times. 

Yes, he still wants to make fun of George Bush, he hates Trump, etc.   But this is when he is the ONLY one in the leftist MSM who has any foresight whatsoever about the world and the Chinese.

If you don't believe me, go to this link (with the same video) and see some of the comments from the Big Guy Biden, on how he thinks the Chinese are harmless and not a threat! 

This video is SPOT ON about Beijing and the embarrassed laughter shows that even the psychotic left knows it - or at least I hope that they do.

But the truly sad thing here, is that after the commentary, several of his guests just still, didn't get it. 

They STILL would rather think that China plays by the rules, that Trump is the evil one and that all will end well - It wont!


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