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Sunday 23 January 2022

The socialist Nationalists in Scotland (Natzis) strike again!

Yes, just when you thought that the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) could not be more totalitarian, they "up their game" again! 

A well worth a read article, via Zerohedge, highlights some of the blatant, Nuremberg rallies type of schtick that the Natz & their woke Universities are up to here.

This is not only completely believable, but at the same time, predictable.  Not that people agree to this, but that they are simply PETRIFIED of speaking out against this type of effing shite!

I live in ground zero of this type of behaviour in Scotland, in a completely and utterly woke part of the country, complete with vegan cafes, leafy streets, and naturally both a lack of private sector jobs, and the perfunctory university.  You would either find it depressing, or predictable, the attitudes of these type of people here.  

But here is my point, very, as in VERY few of them are extremists, and if you were to sit down with them, most if not all, would be perfectly reasonable, and would agree with what you would say about wokism, at least to your face.  If they were to be asked at their workplace, they wouldn't say a fucking word to the contrary.  And this is just what good totalitarians do; there is always a conspiracy of silence to any possible opposition. 

Equally, take a look at this piece of extremist propaganda that is in rail stations here!  Literally, a LOOK can get you in trouble here nowadays. A look!  Think of that for a moment.

On the other hand, when any of your leftist friends, or non-friends, totally abuse anyone with a Christian faith, and they go out of their way to do this - it's acceptable!

And that's my point on this, it NEVER works both ways.  Never!


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