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Wednesday 26 January 2022

This Week - More on everything, but have just had surgery, so not that much will be done / My philosophy

Yes, 3 surgeries (not life threatening) in 3 months, so very little this week to blog, but first,  my philosophy as to just WHAT I try to say here:

1) Not the usual, find a news report and say something on it.  This is done by many, much better writers than myself, and is not really a strength of mine.

2) I look at more local things and some cultural, as I believe, many of the awful things done in London or Washington DC, are ALSO done at the local levels, and can be FAR more damaging.

3) I always try to give some sort of alternative solution, particularly for Economic things, and add a degree of humour - I have to as the world is now crazier than ever, and is ALSO now being run by the MSM (Mainstream Media).


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