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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Liberal rewriting of History - Belfast the Movie and the Coen Brother's "True Grit"

Apparently, in Kenneth Branagh's new "Belfast" movie, about the start of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland in 1969, there is a proliferation of minorities - which is simply crazy! 

Also, Branagh in an interview with Eamon Holmes on GB News, had to confess that there would have been no financing, if it wasn't for the tokens in his movie.

This makes my blood boil, but has an almost fate like result, that the woke scum in London now demand.

But what is actually worse, is the left's attitude to the past.  For example, I've recently come across some reviews of True Grit, both the original masterpiece with John Wayne & Glen Campbell, and the utter dreck, from the Coen Brothers in 2010 - Simply no comparison!

I remember when the latter came out, when there was a plethora (Ed; What a word!) of grovelling, I'm on my knees, reviews concerning the film, and in particular both the performances and the theme.

Naturally, the leftist critics absolutely loved saying that it was superior to the original classic, as they could finally have a good kick at Wayne - they've wanted to do this for years, and waited until the Duke had been dead for decades.

But the second, fawning thing, was that the latter, unlike the original, was more in tune with the book, as it was more about the 14 year old girl, and not about the drunken, belligerent, Federal Marshall played by Wayne.  Certain reviews were highly critical of this and tried to say that there had been a capture of the book by both Wayne and Henry Hathaway (the Director of the 1969 film) for their evil, "right wing" ways.

This was apparently done, almost as if to say that Wayne knew this, but decided to use his privilege and his paternacide or whatever, to relegate the Kim Derby character and to steal the theme onto himself by making it a male movie, and not about an heroic, sisters can do it!, type of movie.

Well, as usual with the leftist, fascist brigade, nothing could be less true about the original.

First of all, the Mattie Ross character is an incredibly strong woman (girl).  She has Wayne's complete respect and is accepted in the end as his equal.

Secondly, after Charles Portis wrote the book, although it is from the female's perspective, he actually had Wayne in mind to play the Marshall Rooster Cogburn character.

Finally, Wayne optioned the novel less than a year after the book was published, ie, if it wasn't for Wayne, NO ONE  would give a shit about this book nowadays - let's cut the crap here!

But to the leftist, and their filthy twisted world, this is ALL untrue, and FINALLY, the good old, left-wing Coens have finally set the record straight.  If you don't believe me, for a laugh, go to the Wikipedia page (Good God!) for the book, and see the citations at the bottom, all from only the last few, woke, years.  

For example, "A Radical Tale"!:

Further reading[edit]

Where, like a wet dream, they just can NOT get enough of this woke love-in, about an heroic, female character (albeit, a girl, who looks like she just stepped out of the makeup room, in some Hollywood set!).

I despair.


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