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Friday 11 February 2022

Leftists - Do they ever change, or go away?

Went for a lovely Friday afternoon walk in Glasgow, and was struck by two horrid posters; yes we were in the university area, but was still amazed that the Socialists and Communists must still be alive and well inside the young mind.

The above one, is by a "new" leftist group, whose intentions seem fine, but then again they will once again, put out the same, fascist, authoritarian "solutions" to it.  Hey, you piss and shite just like me, there is NOTHING different about you.

This one is the same old hackneyed, crap!  Years ago I actually attended one of their Q & As here at Glasgow University - I was amazed at the level of ignorance and lack of history amongst them; yet they always used  that same old nugget - "That wasn't true Communism" - Yes, whatever!

My point, is not that these are / were well attended, but just how could ANYBODY actually get off from this, when you know that they will NOT give any solutions whatsoever, but will merely critique the very worst parts of modern mixed-economies.  But at the same time, they will have amnesia about the average way of life in the old USSR, or in modern day North Korea, etc.


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