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Tuesday 8 February 2022

The Week Ahead - Can you trust or believe ANYONE?


At a recent dreadful dinner I attended, some geniuses (leftists) were trying to tell me just how "warm" it had been this winter, and I begged to disagree.

Later, I did a very SIMPLE search with the incredibly biased MS Weather application on my desktop, that would help me look at the next ten days and the corresponding High temperatures for each day.  

Using something called "arithmetic", I noted that the average temperature for those next 10 days would work out as 7.1 degrees.  Hardly "warm".

But if you were to compare this to the average February temperature for Glasgow, it is EXACTLY where  it should be; as the average is 7.0 degrees for this time of year.

So please tell me how the two geniuses could possibly think that is was "one of the warmest winters on record!?"  We ALL know the answer - they ONLY listen to the MSM.

I despair!

This week, more on our weather, and other things that should irritate, anger, etc, any sane person.


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