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Sunday 6 February 2022

Alternative Websites / Blogs - The White Rose

 Look at this sticker that I saw on a bus stop wall here in Scotland.

There website can be found here:

And has a list of people and followers who have legitimate problems with what has been going down the last (almost) two years.  They range from doctors to politicians and is an interesting, robust site of news and critiques.  BUT, according to that bastion of fairness and enlightenment, Wikipedia, they are a "disinformation group"!   

Honestly, look at this hilarious, ignorant, propaganda hit piece about White Rose on their wiki:

They lie, and lie and lie, don't they.

On one of their videos, they note a recent demonstration in Washington, that contained none other than Dr Robert Monroe, the founder of the MRNA technology, along with other doctors, who have serious reservations about the use of vaccines. 

But wait, some fucking puke, in their mother's basement labels this group "disinformation".

Please go to their website and judge for yourself.

Recommended - 5/5


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