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Tuesday 1 February 2022

Week Ahead - Several things . . . - There is always Hope? Mandatory Breast Exams!? What to do with the Elites - This week's "Solution"!

There'll be a time soon I believe, when there's a coming reckoning, where right-minded people will finally get up off their arses and do something, and things will finally be better.

Speaking of which, NO MORE MANDATES here in the UK - Whether Bojo did that to escape his troubles, or because he finally is doing what he believed all along, we will wait in see.

But a win is a win.

We'll look at the "elites" this week, but in a different way, by looking at oligopoly (competition amongst the few), that has infected literally everything; from politics, to sports, to music - and ask the question, why if you have everything, you STILL want more?

Equally, after the farce of this year's Australian Open tennis (between an "evil" Russian, and a Spaniard with a long history of drugging allegations), why does it seem that the elites and whatever they control, appear to be corrupt?

As I said last week, in that I try to look at alternative news reports, add a little culture and also look at solutions / economics; please check this out below!  Unbelievable!

You mean to tell me, now that the fascist, do-gooding left had us forcibly get the vaccine, they now want to haul women (biological - you pricks!) in front of a doctor, to have their breasts examined!?

Outrageous - these people will NEVER let up, take my word for that. 


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