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Friday 4 February 2022

Oligopoly - The Elites, & why are they NEVER satisfied - Greg Norman's new Golf League


So, Greg Norman, a one-time, all-time great in the game of golf, now wants to set-up shop in that bastion of human rights, Saudi Arabia, and try to have (poach) the biggest golf players in the world to up sticks, and move from the various leagues (PGA tour in America, the European Tour in Europe & the World, et al), in order to play for $300 million in 2022/23 in his new league.  

This comes AFTER assured payments to various golfers to entice them to join up; which may be up to $135 million (to the likes of Bryson Dechambeau) for certain players!  Though Bryson denies this amount.

Equally, Phil Mickelson has gone on a tirade yesterday about just how horrible golf and the PGA Tour have been to him over the years (After all, he's only made $100 million from them in the last several decades.).  

To which Brooks Koepka, has condemned him
for.  Good on ya Brooks!

Please try to read some of these links, as it once again shows that even when you are a rich, elite, you apparently STILL want more - more money, more fame, more what ever!

We salute you Brooks Koepka for speaking out about this, and will continue to follow this further as it plays out this year.


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