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Wednesday 3 November 2021

COP26 here in Glasgow - It's simply unbelievable!


Greta, Krankie and a BME Activist - How "Girl Power" has morphed into something Insane

As I actually live in Glasgow, Scotland, I have a first hand account of some of the utter nonsense that is now occurring here; one being the meeting of the minds of Greta and Sturgeon.  Where Thunberg pulled up Krankie sanctimoniously about the oil / gas that Scotland possesses in the North Sea.

But please look at this picture!  Honestly!  Is this the world that we are actually being governed by now - 2 teenage girls, neither of which have done an effing thing in their lives, dictating how they wish the world - THAT IS YOU AND ME - should live.  

Please think of that for a moment! This is complete insanity!

Equally, every wacko, splinter group, malcontent, leech, hanger on, fascist, globalist, parasite has also now arrived in Glasgow, to ALSO, lecture us on our evil ways. This is outrageous and I'll try to provide info on these many splinter (but now MAINSTREAM) groups currently here in attendance..

For example, look at these.  Only a few years ago, they would be on the margins of society (and still are in everyone's opinion), but now are treated as "normal" by the fuc*ing scum in the MSM:

Unbelievable!  China and Russia are laughing at us.


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