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Thursday 18 November 2021

Is this how the Globlist, Wokes actually Think? Mandatory to eat Local Food!

 Please take a look at this photo, it is simply indescribably awful:

In an utterly contemptuous manner, that smacks of pure hypocrisy; it states that the hip and woke with their filthy, privileged lives, should think about all the third world and other spots where they have either been, or had food from; whilst simultaneously only eating local produce?

I know this restaurant, and have not been in it for about three years - the prices are completely ridiculous - with only the middle-class Guardianista having the ability to afford it!

In addition, it's thoroughly ignorant and hypocritical to expect us to eat "local", when it is the disgusting, leftist wokist, who simply LOVES to brag about all the "world" foods that they've eaten; "OOOOHhhhh, have you had the latest lo-karb, veg, pastry yet, at that multicultural Asian fusion popup yet?"

Equally, if you are to only eat local, say at either the Artisan caf√© or farmer's market in your neighbourhood, you will probably be alone, as most people will never be able to afford this type of food choice - it's outrageously expensive.

These people disgust me!


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