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Monday 22 November 2021

Week Ahead / and a "Man" drove his car into people in Wisconsin!


Correct, a "man" drove into a crowd in Wisconsin and killed 5 people, injuring others - I just KNEW that it would not be a honky or whitey, or else THEY WOULD HAVE SAID SO!

That is why is just SO refreshing to use REAL news sites, such as the link directs to.  In this case it is the always reliable aggregation site;

Incidentally, as I recall this morning, the "man" description was used by GB News (who I thought were meant to be different?), though I can not be sure - I forgot the channel I was on due to my anger.

His actual photo is here:

And you can now clearly know why the filth in the MSM used the term "man".

How much more do we have to take of this; until we have had enough, with the least that this "conservative" government could do, would be to strip the BBC licence fee away from that lot in Manchester (or are they still in London?)

A bit ill right now, but will strive to put one or two more postings here, and try to do another Economics post.


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