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Thursday 4 November 2021

COP26 - Update! Extinction Rebellion are here!

Hey, just did a stroll in woke central, along a place called Byres Road, in the pretentious, woke, vegan-friendly West End (near Glasgow University) and lo and behold, a plethora of posters were seen.  Many were even glued quite badly, and laying on the pavement - It looked a mess!

Maybe they did not use the correct, plant-based glue, to permanently fix these third rate pieces of lying propaganda - but who really knows!

Will also report tomorrow, from something horribly called, "Fridays for Future" - Apparently a fascist march through the centre of Glasgow.  Most of which, incidentally, will be walked on tarmac streets.  Streets that are delightfully made from beautiful, lovely, fossil fuels!


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