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Thursday 11 November 2021

Glasgow - A leftist dump but hosting the COP26 - You can't make this shite up!

Please keep in mind that the SNP are in charge, or partly in charge, of Glasgow City Council; (GCC) they're as bad as old Labour, and STILL their panting, hate filled, Natzi supporters will vote for them.

Even when we have a garbage workers strike, during COP26, these morons will still vote for the Leftists; still!  

To add insult to injury, that bloody idiot, stooge, Greta, called for "solidarity" with the strikers; you can not make this up.

The Executive Council is even  worse, with only 2 Tories of the 23 spots; ie; it's 90% leftist puke run!  A staggering number.

This is a short entry, but at times I simply love going into local media sources, to show that things "on the ground" are every bit as shit as they are at Westminster.

Get a load of this; and please go into the comments, as it will show the utter corruption that exists here!  A few years ago, these ardent leftists here basically sold the libraries and recreational facilities to an outside company, that calls itself Glasgow Life. This was probably owing to the morons and their huge pensions that they have at GCC, but I digress.

As a libertarian, at times, I'm at odds with the panacea like approach of outsourcing, as often, it costs more than you think in the long run, and sorry, I believe these public services deserve to be run by the city government.

And since that momentous day, many of the pools, libraries, and even public halls and museums have either fallen by the way side, or are in a horrible state of neglect.

Think of that for a moment.  We've had these wonderful facilities through thick and thin, but only after a few years being run by the scum at Glasgow Life, their state is disgusting.

It makes the blood boil.


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