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Sunday 7 November 2021

Wokeness & TV of the Week - The Hairy Bikers - Awful and downright Embarassing

I've tried to watch the latest instalments of the Hairy Biker's TV career; this time they were "back" in their native North of England - Please remember that!  They are meant to be in the NORTH OF ENGLAND, looking at NORTH OF ENGLAND COOKING. 

Was I wrong!

Years ago when I saw them during one of their roadshow appearances here in Scotland, the tall one, Sy King, was ranting about the Health & Safety rules, that forbid him from eating his own cooking!

He's changed! 

Now, they are just one, big, cuddly woke show.  Get this, during the two shows of their series, we had Syrians making cheese!

And Cameroonians, making African food.

And they then had the nerve, to make that quintessential "northern" delicacy; the Cornish Pasty!

I despair.  Utterly diabolical!

0 /5


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