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Monday 1 November 2021

The Week Ahead - BTW, COP26 is here in Glasgow! Dreadful!

This week, in case you live under a rock (which might be a good thing), the annual COP26 shindig, of radical, Nazi leftist fascists begins here in Glasgow.

And yes, they're already queueing up with their private jets!  Disgusting!

In addition, I'll end my short review of the housing crisis, which is bound to crash and take us down with it; have some more entries on the COP26 nonsense; and finally will do some "Woke Woche", another "freak of the week" and a critique of other "right" people  / blogs.

But to end, just have a look at the empty expressways here in Glasgow.  These shots are from a few days ago (correct, they closed various streets, express ways and even cycle paths(the irony!),  Apparently, they closed all of these, due to a perceived terrorist threat! Ha!


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