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Friday 10 December 2021

Prick of the Week - John Bishop and his appearance on Saturday Kitchen - BBC1

Good God, these woke, snobby, pricks are literally everywhere!  And they even delight in spoiling a normally, nice bit of jolly TV, that simply ruins one's weekend!  Case in point; John Bishop.

Prick Bishop (far right)

Just when I thought I'd enjoy a bit of cooking, one of that lot just has to show up, and lecture the audience on the evils of meat-eating, and the joys of Veganism, repeat, not Vegetarianism.

Where do these London-based, woke elites get off from this?  And you just KNOW, he enjoyed every minute of it, whilst stating the same old lies about being vegan and just how good it is for the environment, and for your health!

No John, planting crops for your middle-class privilege is not good for the environment, particularly with the number of pesticides that have to be used therein, that are NOT used when it comes to raising cow or sheep

No John, the middle-classes, are healthier anyway than the poor old unwashed, be they vegans, veggies or meat eaters.

And finally John, your point about looking at a smelly, piece of meat on your plate and feeling disgusted is a downright lie, as many, as in MANY vegans, are doing the EXACT SAME THING, when they look down on their plate, to see a VEGAN PIECE OF MEAT, that smells EXACTLY like a real piece of meat.

Please fuck off!


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