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Tuesday 21 December 2021

Possible UK parties to Vote For - Reform Party UK

This is an interesting party, that has so much that I believe in, but in my heart, I feel that they are only a Protest party / One / Two Issue party, with very little chance to expand.

Maybe I'm wrong, but feel they will always be on the fringes, of both the left & right.

They can probably be seen as a party for several things:

1) Pro-Brexit

2) Strict Immigration

3) COVID policy (or lack of any)

With the latter being stated as:

No mandatory vaccinations.

No vaccine passports.

No Plan B.

No Plan C.


Well, that was very succinct!  And whilst many of us agree with much, if not all, trying to sell yourself as a party, that is clearly a one or two issue one, will probably not be a big seller. 

Their Economic plan is one of tax cuts, but at the same time (through added growth of the economy) wanting to spend MORE on the NHS and other public services, naturally after having gotten rid of waste.

They are of course, anti-BBC and wish the cronyism of the House of Lords to be a thing of the past.

All and all interesting, but one party that will always be looked upon as reactionary.


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