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Sunday 5 December 2021

The week ahead (I've been ill and hospitalised, etc), will blog more this Week

Yes, we've been a bit ill but are still around, and have just so much to rant about; yes, the "pandemic" is now a complete con job, from Omnicrom (a complete farce), to the necessity of the booster, that according to a senior official at the WHO, is utter bullshit!

As for me, still living in Glasgow, in Scotland, where there is a storied history of socialist corruption (according to some), it's interesting to walk by an old Victorian swimming pool almost every day, that has not been used for over 20 years, and seems to be waiting for either a fire to happen or a required demolition by the disgusting council that we have here, instead of putting this to use for the common man.

We'll continue to highlight this week, various awfulness both in the world, and the UK /  Scotland.




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