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Monday 27 December 2021

The Week Ahead and our Yearly awards - the very, VERY worst of the Year

Another year is about to end, and what an awful one at that!

This year, I will give my Top 1 of the worst of what I saw, be it wokeness, awful art, etc.

In addition, during this next week, I will finally complete my look at the different political parties that we have in the UK, that warrant a vote or not - even though they are all totally superior to the simply dreadful choice that are present in Westminster.

This week, I'll finish the series by looking at the Social Democratic party, that I myself, will either try to run as or will write in my vote for, if they are present here in Scotland at the next set of elections. 

But puhleeze remember, that unlike that group of fascist snobs, the Lib Dems, the SDP actually does indeed believe in democracy, unlike the scum in the Lib Dems who to this very day, STILL want to nullify the Brexit result from years ago - the mind boggles.



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