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Monday 13 December 2021

The Week Ahead - Enjoy your Christmas!


I hope you have a good one, for I shall not. 

"We have met the enemy, and he is Us" - Pogo

Or as it should say, ". . . and he is the Government & the Woke"

If I could tell you a few years ago, that a majority would listen to their respective governments on instructions, on how to breath air - you would have thought that I was barmy!  

This is how low we've fallen.  The outright lies now about the Omicrom variant, including the utter lie that it is now as bad as last January in the UK for the number infected, are worse than shocking. 

It is not!  The overall number of infected is the same, but that is only because they have tested nearly triple the amount as of today - 1.3million, than in January!

I can NOT stress how important it is, to go into the above link, which will EASILY dispel & counter argue any moron who says otherwise.

This week, more culture, maybe a thesis - looking into a mind of a "masker" and some Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas!


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