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Sunday 13 March 2022

For those who don't live in the UK or Scotland, check this out!

 Ah, our beloved Nationalist, Socialist Government with SUCH priorities.  

And once again, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

Our fearless leader, "Wee Nicky" Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, decided this week to look at one of the most pressing needs that we who live in Scotland wished to be addressed, witches from 400 years ago!

See this link, and please remember, that this is true.

This is bonkers!  I mean, ANYBODY with an ounce of sense, knows full well that not only is this insane, but also that there are, I believe???, more important needs and issues nowadays that should be on her agenda.

But wait, there are, and she did not even bother to show up at the hearings / debates.

But naturally, not only will this (her not looking at the Care Home situation) not be reported, but even if it was, the typical, knuckle-dragging bigot, who supports the Scottish Nationalist Party, will brush it aside, and call you a "Tory" or deflect by mentioning Boris Johnson!

Completely believable.

This week, we will be showing you guys & girls out there, some of my favourite SNP supporting comments in blogs & online, that I've read the past few weeks, in order to show you just how brainwashed these bigots are.


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