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Tuesday 1 March 2022

The Week Ahead & Ukraine - There HAS to be an escape route for Putin

Also, please stick your blue and yellow flags on Facebook up your arse; there's adults in the room now.  But what this route is, giving him the East side of Ukraine, pressuring him to accept the fact that we have noticed him, etc - I haven't a clue.  But he MUST be allowed to save face; no matter how galling that is. 

Years ago, I met some Ukrainians at a sports event, before that, I didn't even know how to pronounce it!  Is it "Ukraine" or "The Ukraine"?  Still don't know!

But what I do know from my private sector and Left-wing past, is that bullies / strongmen will take advantage of everything in their midst, if they perceive that (rightly or wrongly) you are weak.

They can think that you are strong incorrectly, and STILL take you seriously.  It's all about perception. 

Equally, we surely need to look at how the CIA, might have started the 2014 revolution that disposed of the Russian speaking leader of Ukraine, the subsequent votes for independence by the 2 breakaway, Russian speaking areas and the assurances given to Yeltsin 30 years ago that NATO would not expand.

As for the refugees:

We think that it will be about 5 million now ... and naturally many ALREADY wish to come to the UK!  Of course!  And you just know, they ain't gonna go back; don't you?

How many times does someone have to say this!  When seeking refuge, you can NOT choose which country you wish to go to!  Now IF, a particular country wishes to evacuate you to their country, then naturally, that's allowed.   My own opinion, sorry, we're full!  It will be yet more people, who don't speak English, who will IMMEDIATELY go on the public dole, and will be taking money / resources, that should go to our own!

Sorry, but only in EXTREME circumstances and for a temporary basis, should we even think about admitting ANY of these people.

This week, more on this, and in particular, some of the comments that I've seen / received from some utter "geniuses" out there, after I've commented on Ukraine, on various outlets.


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