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Monday 21 March 2022

The hypocrisy of the Ukraine refugee situation; Someone agrees with me!


Yes, it is bad, and yes, Putin is to blame for it.  

It is also an awful situation that never should have been allowed to happen, but that is a completely different topic / blog post.

But just what of the refugees, and in particular, what of the UK government's plan to take as many as possible, NOT just those who have some connection with the UK.

My own opinion is that it will be another disaster; have these people not learned ANYTHING from Brexit and the enormous levels of immigrants, that we, but particularly the southeast of England, have had to endure the last 20 years?  

Yes, there will be volunteers to take them in and the said volunteers will get their £350 a month, but just WHO will be these volunteers.

Already, some 150,000+ have signed up, God Bless them, but it leaves me with two questions?

1) Who are they?  Because I guarantee it is NOT the young, woke, wank; who lives with their parents and loves their social media accounts FAR more than actually DOING something about their virtual signalling.

Someone here has said this A LOT better than I could ever do so.  And to think that this is an opinion piece.  Credit where it is due. 

2) Just what happens, after a few weeks, months, whatever, when the Ukrainians in your house are either a pain, or think that YOU are a pain in the ass, and they decide to bolt, leave, or demand a new accommodation provider? 

Has anybody thought about that?   Many of our hotels in the UK are already packed with other "refugees" - Just WHERE would these new ones actually go?


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