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Saturday 3 April 2021

Woke Woche - BAMERS in Classical Music. . .


Yes, ever since Hazza and Megs (that loathsome pair) decided to have a black token, play some classical chunes at their wedding (Or was it their wedding? Didn't Megz say they were married three days earlier? - Editor), it seems that there has been an abundance of BAMERs in classical music!  

Or at least in the adverts for it.  Astounding!  Every time that I’ve attended one of these recitals, there are none; either in the audience or on stage.  I must have missed something...!

Really, this is now ridiculous patronising and lecturing, that is completely vomit inducing.  It’s strange, the same MSM or BBC, who have constantly been telling us that there is a dearth of BAMER classical musicians, must NOT have been paying attention to all the adverts, billboards, or concert program covers! 

It boggles!

I for one, will NEVER attend one of the SCO's (Scottish Chamber Orchestra) or SSO's (Scottish Symphony Orchestra) concerts again.


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