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Sunday 18 April 2021

Healthcare - Part 1 - Why so expensive?

In America, by all accounts, the cost of healthcare is simply extortionate, and in the second part, we will address that issue with solutions.  But wait, what about an allegory. . .

Example 1 - I need someone or a business, to fix my flat tyre:

In this instance, there is actually quite a fast, efficient service to be used:

1) I find or know of a car repair shop.

2) I take my car there.

3) It's repaired.

4) I pay (and this is important.  I PAY, not my insurance, not the state, but I PAY.  Please note this, as there is NO intermediary between myself and the business)

Example 2 - I have broken my finger, and need it repaired:

1) I go to the one clinic / hospital emergency room in the area, as there is so little choice or competition.

2) And now it gets interesting; I will then go to Registration, to register myself as a Customer.

3) I then go Admissions, to be admitted.

4) Then there is the Insurance problem, as in the previous two stages, there will naturally be questions about how or what I will pay with.  Normally, it is NOT myself, but my insurance company or the government.

5) I now, will FINALLY go to the correct Department, presumably the ER to have my finger looked at.

6) It will not be just anyone there that I will see, but a Doctor; not a Nurse, Nursing Assistant, etc.  Correct, I will have to be diagnosed by someone, who will be doing something FAR below their pay grade, in order for my poxy finger to be looked at.

7) The bill will be paid.

Have you noticed something?  Of course.  As probably there is no other economic transaction, even when you buy a house, that will be as complicated as something that should be so effing simple as getting my finger fixed.

In Part 2, we will look at this problem in far more detail.


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