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Saturday 10 April 2021

Prince Phillip - RIP - Some comments

Unless you are not of this world, you no doubt would have heard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death yesterday at the age of 99. I would have loved for him to have made 100; he seemed just so cantankerous, lively, etc, that this milestone would surely be met.  On the other hand, his recent illnesses made this announcement almost a foregone conclusion.  But hell, he should have made it!

Saying this, I noted that through all of the no doubt, pre-written epitaphs, one thing did stick out, no doubt to many; is that being an environmentalist (that he was) is NOT a recent, woke, hipster lead career!  The Duke had been doing it for well on 50 years!

This point is almost ALWAYS lost on your neighbourhood, woke moron.  Who comes complete with their vegan attitude, smart phone permanently attached to their skyward facing palm, and a TOTAL ignorance about history, and even recent history.

If I were to tell them that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, signed into law by the Republican President, Richard Nixon) was set up 50 years ago, something that no doubt their teachers or MSM have not told them; they’d look at me as I I’d exposed myself to them!  Their ignorance of anything outside of their narrow, bigoted worldview, literally flies over them.  So in reality, I should not be that surprised to realise, that if they know fuck all about anything recent, that there is no way in hell that they would ever be able to fathom what occurred in the early 70s.

Please note this interview, and in particular, the sheer surprise of the Duke, when he mentions that most idiots care more about zoo animals (or animals, being FORCED to be in zoos!), than about the real problems of endangered species in the wild.  Downright unbelievable!


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