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Sunday 11 April 2021

The Week Ahead - BAFTAs! / Why is Healthcare so Expensive / More Wokeness

This week, we will once again look at some of the awfulness in the world and in particular, here in old Blighty.  

We'll start the week looking at the acting profession, and their VSing at their annual, rigged award shows.  The below quote from Salma Hayek, says it all really.  Simple unbelievable!

The BAFTAS are once again with us, and following on the dreadfully, woke, racist, Royal Television awards, they're trying to outdo them - if this is even possible.

The second thing for the coming seven days, is our new, monthly "thesis" on all things political or economic (Editor: "Don't you have an Economics degree?).  It will look at why the price of private healthcare is just so high (predominantly in the US), and our solution (part) to the problem.  We'll look at it from a micro-economic model; as many have NOT done before.   Please await our genius!

Finally, move insane pieces of fascist, racist wokeness. 


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