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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Good Lord, she's back. . .

Just when you thought it was safe, that annoying, illiterate Swedish fascist, is now returning to our screens on the BBC (paid for by yours truly, and the other license fee payers).

I’ve heard more and more from this revolting, arrogant, ignorant hater, and that she would be partnering up with that other sanctimonious, POS, David Attenborough;  no doubt on some form of nature or natural world type of propaganda hit piece by the BBC, where lecturing and looking down on us, plain mortals, will reach pandemic proportions.

My own opinion, can be found on the simply BRILLIANT blog, “Not a Lot of People Know”:

But it’s more than that, I simply think that the parents and the MSM (the scum that they are), are perpetuating a form of child abuse on this poor, doltish, clown.   I thought that we wouldn’t see her, until post-scamdemic, so being on the cover of this week’s Radio Times (the go to mag, for all things Aunty), made my weekly trip to Lidl, quite nauseous. 

I despair!


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