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Monday 16 August 2021

The week ahead / The Taliban and their "blue mask" policy?


We are on holiday in Europeland right now, but the philosophy here is even crazier at times than in Blighty. and I'll be sharing my insights and look at some of the simply insane political parties that I've seen so far in Germany.  In addition, will have Woke Woche" and do some more on various ideologies, viewpoints, etc. 

But first!  I am still waiting on the first CNN propagandist, who will simply ignore the future atrocities that the Taliban will commit, but instead will pivot to ask or condemn them on any perceived lack of a lockdown strategy, or non-requirement to wear masks!

You simply KNOW that this is coming!  I had this idea, BEFORE I saw this report on Zerohedge, which is simply unconscionable!  There they are, already Nijabbed up, bowing to the Taliban.  Surely, they will not only take them seriously (they should), but will then treat them just as any other government in the world; complete with their wokeness and woke questions - watch for it!


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