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Monday 30 August 2021

The Week Ahead / So they're going after Notre Dame now!

Regrettably, the wokist losers around have now turned their attention to the mascot of Notre Dame university, in a very easy case of "I told you So", as many people online had noted over the last few years that they would indeed, demand that ND calls a halt to this frivolous, fun, character.

This just reiterates the fact, that NOTHING is sacred to these filthy fascist losers, they will go after ANYTHING that they disagree with.

But in this case, there's a happy ending.  Notre Dame have told them to blow them!  They've said to "get lost"!  Hooray!

See, it CAN happen.

For the rest of the week, will look at other "wokist" insanity, some economics / politics (from the continent), culture and a look at other "right wing" bloggers. 



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