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Tuesday 10 August 2021

The Week Ahead, just so much nonsense in the World


Will look this week again at workness, leftist attitudes and certain economics and political events.

But first, will definitely do for this month one of my "theses" of pure genius, and in this case, will simply label this as a new category, "How did we get Here".  This will explain as to why oh why are modern times just SO bad, so fascistic and woke and how everybody is now so offended.

For those who have not heard about the great Michael Savage, please educate yourselves!  In addition, it was he who came up with the term "The Government Media Complex", a long time ago - yet his words are now simply so prophetic.

Everything en masse, what the leftist, fascist, globalist media states (lies about) each day, also "happens" to be government policy - as if the media are now running the country as opposed to the actual governments elected by the populace.

For this thesis (category) this month, I'll attempt to draw a time line as to just when did all this shite go mainstream - hint, it started with the MSM's hatred of George Bush.

OTOH, will also look at various other things, in particular some economics in Scotland, as to just how broke we are here.


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